Marine Compound Engine

March 2011.

John R. Bentley 2011.

Constructing the Reversing Gear (page 3):
the Connecting Links

-  for the Stuart Compound Launch Engine  -

Milling the small end on one of the two connecting links

Marking out the two ends of each link for two different sizes of holes

(this is just a guide to keep my wits about me - I actually located holes by the graduated dials on the axes handwheels)

Four holes drilled to size

Using the mill to mark out the hubs

Large and small ends clearly marked

This was going so well that I also marked the edges of the links with the cutter

In the vise and ready to start hacking

Unlike the drag links, there are two sides (top and bottom) to mill deeply

That is not rust on the vise, it is just strange lighting

Long tedious work by the time all this milling was done!

Ready to start the hubs

Top and bottoms of each hubs will be done separately

Milling away the end portion of the web

Clearing between the two links so the small ends can be milled around a pin

This is much the same as on the previous page

The twins are still connected

Reaming the big ends 3/16" to match the reversing shaft

Still not separated from its twin, but I tried it in position to see how it will look

Here are the two connecting links ready to be cut apart with a hacksaw

Finishing the small ends after separating

I used the side of a 1/4" cutter to mill the hubs to length

Here is a view of a connecting link on the pivot bolt sandwiched between the drag links

The two completed link assemblies

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